Tech Talk Thursday with Workshop Foreman Dean McCartney

Top Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Healthy:

It is very easy to take for granted having regular access to our vehicles.  We just get in, turn it on and drive to where we need to go, without really thinking about it – day in and day out. Maintenance can be the last thing on our minds until a reminder pops up, however being mindful of a few small things can help keep your vehicle healthy and avoid costly bills down the track.

  1. Avoid a dead battery – start your vehicle at least once a week and let it run in a well ventilated spot for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Fill up your fuel tank – this will help prevent moisture building up and contaminating your fuel tank.
  3. Keep the outside of your car clean – this helps protect your paint from damage by external factors.
  4. Maintain your tyres – check tyre pressures regularly and ensure the tyres are inflated to at least minimum recommended tyre pressure PSI to avoid flat spots.
  5. Turn your hand brake on and off regularly – this will help keep it in good condition. If you are not using your vehicle for an extended length of time, consider chocking your wheels to keep your vehicle stable and leaving your handbrake off all together.
  6. Keep up with your vehicle’s scheduled services – even if you are not driving the kilometres, it is still important to maintain your scheduled service intervals by time.  Even in less frequently driven vehicles, fluid levels can evaporate and go off. All fluids have an expiry date, just like the milk in your fridge. It is important to replace vehicle components at the recommended times to avoid costly issues down the track.
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