Rules Behind “Topping Up” Air Conditioning Gas in your Vehicle

Tech Talk Thursday with Auto Electrical Leading Hand Sebastian Arcidiacono

In warmer months, it is common to start to notice your car air conditioning is struggling or not quite working as well as it used to. Many believe that the solution is simple; book it in to get the air conditioning gas topped up. But did you know that under the Australian Codes of Practice “topping up” without checking for and fixing any refrigerant leaks is unlawful? 

 The Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd advises that ‘“topping up” is an environmental hazard. If you have not checked for or repaired any leaks you will release refrigerant (toxic gas) to the atmosphere. 1kg of R134a Refrigerant Gas is equivalent to 1,400kg of Carbon Dioxide being released into the earth’s atmosphere. 

If leaks aren’t rectified properly, there is also a risk that refrigerants could mix which can weaken the performance of the system and it may become a safety hazard. So having your air conditioning system checked and fixed by a licence technician is not only beneficial for the environment – but also for your back pocket!

 If you believe there is a problem with your vehicle’s air conditioning system, the next step would be to book in for a visual condition, leak inspection, and performance test with a licensed technician. The technician will be able to carry out a full report and provide a quotation if items are failing in your air conditioning system.  This will assist with environmental health and help keep you cool for many years to come.  

 NB Industries have Arctick licensed technicians available to complete a full inspection on your vehicle’s air conditioning system.  Contact our team to book in for your $49.00 inspection today 😊.