It’s Actually About You!

Satisfied clients just like you have helped us frame our “About” page. It is you who has inspired us to earn our present identity as a leading provider of automotive services in the Mackay & Bowen Basin region. Your valuable input and feedback have not only guided us but have also taught us to evaluate all jobs with equal importance. It is very simple…when you choose our service, we get the opportunity to prove the value of our services!

Your continuous support and confidence in our service, has seen us evolve from an aspiring start-up into a multi-faceted automotive solution provider that focuses on excellent service delivery and quality performance.

The team at NB Industries prides itself on being able to adapt to changes in the market. Being a medium-sized automotive firm, this strategy has not only enabled us to survive, it has enabled us to re-invent our product and service offerings to better suit your requirements.

We are also proud to be 100% Queensland owned and operated.

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to continuously ask the question, “What is it that the customer wants and what are their service expectations?” We then put in place service standards, so our team not only meet but exceed these expectations. Our years in business have repeatedly proven that clear concise communication is essential in ensuring client needs are met, and mistakes, issues and misunderstandings are eradicated before works are carried out. To best service our clients, we must first listen to their requirements, then maintain a high level of communication to ensure we deliver exactly what is expected, on time and on budget. In order to provide the absolute best service, we invest heavily in the latest technology and tooling to ensure that each job is completed in the most efficient and effective way possible. We also invest in upskilling our team members across multiple trades so we can supply technicians that are adaptable, dynamic, and more productive.  Multi skilled tradespeople mean maximum deliverables and efficiency.

Our Values

NB Industries Core Values guide our corporate decisions and behaviour.  These values act as our company roadmap and keep us focused on what is really important to us:
  • Attitude is everything (be positive at all times and think safety first)
  • Quality without compromise (take pride in your work and ensure the job is done right, every time)
  • Teamwork makes the dream work (we are stronger together than we are apart)
  • Integrity (doing what is right as it’s the right thing to do)
  • Strong relationships (build lasting bonds with customer and colleague that make a difference to each other’s lives)
  • Solve and share (find solutions and share the knowledge)

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