3D-P and NBI Team Up to Enhance Wireless Networks on Site

Mining is quickly embracing automation and fleet management systems for their ability to reduce costs and improve safety.  These digital applications allow personnel to deploy and track assets on demand, identify potential bottlenecks in the process, and schedule timely and predictive maintenance, all from a safe distance of hazardous activities.

These applications, however, dump huge quantities of data onto remote wireless communication networks that have (in the past) proven to be less than ideal in terms of capacity, coverage, and security.  The performance of these cost-saving applications is only as effective as the communication networks they are linked to.

The networks required to facilitate all this mission-critical data need massive data throughput combined with reliable connectivity to facilitate the demand for real-time data. Wi-Fi and several wireless communication solutions have been deployed on sites in the past but presented limitations.  LTE was the latest in network technology that was expected to provide the connectivity and performance the mining industry needed with less infrastructure.

LTE delivered greater coverage on mine sites but also presented limitations with blind spots emerging and throughput challenges in high activity areas.  With these challenges in mind, 3D-P has developed a hybrid LTE/InstaMesh® Intelligent Endpoint®, the Osprey, to alleviate these hazardous gaps.

3D-P has been creating and bringing reliable wireless communication to the most challenging industrial environments around the world since 1996.  In order to help solve the unique LTE challenges of Queensland mining, NB Industries and 3D-P have teamed up, combining resources and efforts to improve network performance.

NB Industries have been working with the installation and deployment of Fleet Management Systems on mine sites since 2016, and most recently with the first deployment of Autonomous Haulage Awareness (AHA) system on the East Coast of Australia.  For over 15 years, NB Industries has been servicing heavy industry and the team possesses a unique understanding of how technology functions within a harsh Australian mining application.

Together, 3D-P and NB Industries are combining their niche expertise to implement solutions designed around each mine’s environmental, application, and technology requirements.

Nigel Slater, EVP of Business Development for 3D-P, says that NB Industries experience, mature perspectives on the problems confronting their customers and a solutions focused mentality meant they were a perfect fit for our products and a strong partnership with 3D-P.

Managing Director for NB Industries, Michael Selby says he is excited to bring 3D-P’s revolutionary products to the company’s clients.

“Assisting our clients with solutions that make their life easier is at the heart of what we do.  To be able to work with 3D-P to deploy these revolutionary products that are designed and tailored for each of our client’s needs and requirements adds value to all involved”.

To find out more about how NB Industries and 3D-P can help you improve your LTE wireless network performance, contact us today.

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