QTK Group is a leading provider of transport refrigeration and transit air conditioning products. QTK specialise in Thermo King products for truck and trailer refrigeration as well as ThermoKing air-conditioning for bus and coaches. In addition to offering market leading refrigeration and air conditioning products, QTK is also Queensland’s sole provider for the world class tail-lift brand Anteo.

NB Industries is a QTK Group distributor for Mackay. Download a brochure by clicking the link below. Contact the friendly team at NB Industries for a quote on any automotive services or spare parts.

QTK Group

Thermo King

Thermo King Direct Drive Truck Units

Thermo King Direct Drive Truck Units

Thermo King Spectrum

Thermo King Spectrum

Thermo King Heat King 430

Thermo King Heat King 430

Thermo King T-80 Series

Thermo King T-80

Thermo King Precedent

Thermo King Precedent

Thermo King Precedent Multi-Temp

Thermo King Precedent Multi-Temp

Thermo King Bus

Thermo King Bus ARS 140

Thermo King Bus ARS 140

Thermo King Bus LRT IV

Thermo King Bus LRT IV

Thermo King Bus ARS 160

Thermo King Bus ARS 160

Thermo King Bus SR50

Thermo King Bus SR50

Thermo King Bus KRS

Thermo King Bus KRS

Thermo King Bus X430

Thermo King Bus X430 Compressor

Thermo King Bus CITI RT

Thermo King BUS CITI RT

Anteo Tail Lifts

Anteo Cantilever Tail-Lift

Anteo Cantilever Tail-Lift

Anteo Column Tail-Lift

Anteo Column Tail-Lift

Anteo Retractable Tail-Lift

Anteo Retractable Tail-Lift

Anteo Tuckaway Tail-Lift

Anteo Tuckaway Tail-Lift